Addressing Child Pornography

These resources are intended for CACs and their investigative partners. The video is suitable for Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) investigators, CAC directors, and MDT partners. The brochure below is intended for use by CAC directors and staff, including victim advocates, to share with caregivers of children victimized by child pornography, also called abusive images

CSEC Protocols specific to Child Pornography/Abuse Images

Watch this video conversation and build your understanding of the key components
to a protocol for
child pornography/abusive images investigations.

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When Images Hurt: How to understand, respond, and find hope for your child

Study, download, and print this guide for caregivers of children victimized by
child pornography/abusive images to answer some of their most pressing questions.





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Child Pornography Protocols Framing Tool



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