Heal The Hurt

Draw inspiration and strategies from Child Advocacy Centers serving commercially sexually exploited children. At the core of the highlighted programs you will find Multidisciplinary Teams who have developed and expanded services to meet specific investigation and treatment needs in their community. We hope you will be inspired to explore the interventions as your work to address the commercial sexual exploitation of children in your own community.

Runaway Intervention Program

Created in 2006, the Runaway Intervention Program (RIP) is a joint effort among Ramsey County Attorney’s Office, Midwest Children’s Resource Center, Ramsey County Community Human Services, and other community partners to identify and address the needs of young runaway girls.


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SEEN Project

Support to End Exploitation Now Coalition (SEEN Coalition) is a groundbreaking program that partners more than 35 public and private agencies who believe that only genuine collaboration can yield positive outcomes for child victims of commercial sexual exploitation (CSEC).



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Project Gold

Kristi House’s Project GOLD provides outreach and services to children exploited in sex trafficking to help them escape dangerous lives at the hands of traffickers and predators.



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Project Intersect

The principal goals of the project are to identify evidence-based intervention(s) that effectively engage and treat the mental health needs of CSEC youth, deliver high-quality treatment services to CSEC-identified clients utilizing these evidence-based practices, and train therapists in Georgia in these practices to create a network of providers to serve CSEC clients.

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